A September War?

WorldNetDaily.com | The September War | Hal Lindsey | May 23 2008 | link

According to a number of sources, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is planning to bring his first reactor on line sometime in September 2008, which is just about in line with what the Israeli Mossad had estimated back in 2003 when the full extent of Iran’s secret nuclear program became known…

…Ahmadinejad knows that Israel will attack its reactor the moment that they take it on line. He’s been arming and training Hamas to serve as its proxy in the event of war, to harass the IDF on its flanks.

…Israel is therefore surrounded with Hezbollah and Syria to the north, Hamas on both flanks, with al-Qaida sympathizers flooding in through Egypt and Jordan. Everything is in place for war except the pretext to start things off.

Starting up a nuclear reactor will do nicely.

And we American’s are worried about a global warming and if Hillary will stay in the race? We are a comatose giant.

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  1. Ken Stewart says:

    Really scary stuff… We think its a world away, but just like technology, war comes quickly to every corner of the world… especially nuclear and in a prime strategic area such as the Middle East.

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