A note to my readers

To my friends and readers:

It’s been 53 days since I’ve posted new material to my blog and I apologize. When I began this venture I strived to post regularly. Well I have had several BIG changes in my life over the past couple of months, and other parts of my life had to be my priority.

1. Changed Jobs – I changed jobs at the end of November, and although I am thrilled with my new position with a new company, I became quite busy literally overnight.

2. Became engaged – I asked my girl to marry me and she said yes. Planning a wedding for spring. (If you know me personally email me and I’ll reply w/ our personal wedding site.)

3. Relocated – Closer to our Capitol City

-But enough about my personal life, I’m back to blogging. And It’s good to be back, I have really missed this forum to communicate with you; my friends and readers. I appreciate you returning and look forward to your comments, criticisms, and critiques.

Thanks for reading

PS: Check out the newly formed www.TsuDohNimh.com

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