A New Perspective on Hamas?

In the midst of the mainstream media’s boisterous decree of “We asked for it and now look what happened” mantra concerning the election of Hamas by the Palestinian people comes this different and intriguing perspective.

From Saturday’s OpEd portion of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette:

“Who knows, maybe something has been found: a government that actually represents the Palestinian people…”

“…After all the flags have been waved and the Kalshinikovs fired into the air, it’ll be Hamas that’s on the spot. Because all those voters may expect it to actually do something. No more throwing rocks, literally and figuratively, from the outside. Now Hamas must govern.

Think about it: Any day now, somebody somewhere could actually show Hamas’ leaders that most terrifying of sights . . . a budget.”

“…In the old days, the solution would have been simple enough. Just shoot him. But what does Hamas do now? It’s now going to be held responsible.”

” The first thing we do is split up Hamas. Distinguish its political from its armed wing. Encourage the first, destroy the second. The Romans, who had a fairly long run in that ungovernable part of the world, had a phrase for it: Divide and conquer. It works in peacetime, too. Think Northern Ireland and Sinn Fein. Haven’t heard of many bomb blasts in Belfast lately, have you? It’s gotten so that many Americans have forgotten what IRA stands for.”

“…THIS ELECTION was more of a defeat for a corrupt, incompetent, do-nothing old guard than a win for Hamas.”

“…If Hamas’ leaders, and Palestinians in general, want to build a better Palestine—or a Palestine at all—and watch their babies grow fat, and educate their young, and improve their economy, and generally live and let live, they’ll save the RPGs for ceremonial occasions and learn to govern. Else, all their talk about reform will prove only talk, and the killing will continue. The choice is theirs.”

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