A 2010 social media wish list

Ah the New Year… time for every blogger to bloviate and speculate on upcoming trends. I don’t practice the black art of predictions but I sure as heck have a list of things I’d love to see change in 2010.


1. The ultimate Address book

Chris Brogan says you live and die by your database.

If that’s the case we’re all drowning trying to swim between social media islands. Facebook friends, twitter friends, Linkedin contacts, gmail contacts, exchange contacts… all organized in different systems and different lists. In a world of API’s and social connecting why hasn’t someone launched the ultimate address book. I want phone, email, fb, twitter, linkedin, and everything else in a single database. Is this too much to ask? I’ve ranted about this before, let’s hope I’m not repeating my self in Dec 2010.

2. Twitter Tags

WordPress has them, Tumblr has them, and every social bookmarking service known to man, the simple wonderful tag. When will Twitter wise up and allow us to curate streams based on tagging tweets. Favorite tweets are cool and useful but can I get more than a “star” button.

3. Friendfeed – Wanted Dead or Alive

Since Facebook bought Friendfeed the service’s future has been unclear. Friendfeed has gone largely untouched and the community is in decline. Facebook needs to announce their plans and do it soon. Status update anyone?

4. Release of Twitter IDs

Twitter probably has the highest abandonment ratio of any social media service… ever. Its rise in popularity brought a huge influx of users who left faster than Charlie Sheen could… never mind.

The end result of the mass exodus is that a lot of the best names are taken by people who have 1 status update from May of 2009. It’s high time to cull the herd. Twitter should send out a notice via a Tweet and if they receive no response delete every account without an update since Jul 2009. Of course this would lead to a land rush the likes no one has ever seen, at least since we all stayed up late to nab our Facebook vanity URL.

5. More Twitter Integration Outegration

Honestly do I need to see every Pandora, Blip.fm, Foursquare, and tinychat service update? I love that Twitter is being integrated into so many services but the crap pouring into the stream is enough to make my unfollow finger itchy. /rant

6. The perfect Twitter iPhone app

Can we get SimplyTweet and Tweetie to merge their features? Take the speed, services, and push notifications from SimplyTweet and add the UI and list support from Tweetie and give us one amazing app.

and a bonus.

7. An electrifying Facebook experience

I’m still looking for the button that delivers a shock via keyboard to anyone that sends me a mafia wars or farmville invite. I enjoy Facebook for friends and family, that’s it. But since I’m a nice guy I’d settle for an “Ignore all apps, quizzes, and games button”. /rant (for real)

What did I miss?

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  1. If #7 happens that will be my dream come true. Everything else will be a bonus.

  2. Keith says:

    You get the prestigious best comment ever award. Thanks for taking the time to stop and comment.

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