4 Ways Consume Faster

drag-racingThere is a ton of content these days and while I’ve been in the process of pruning my social streams I’m also reexamining how I consume content.

I want to find what is important with the fewest distractions –

Here is how I manage:

  • Read Faster: Use RSS – Use a feed reader to subscribe to blogs. If you aren’t familiar with RSS you should be. Start here. Use Google Reader and collapse the posts to headlines only, you can skim 15-20 posts at a time. (A reminder how important headlines are).
  • Let Others Read for You – Find people that curate content and follow them. I put them in a twitter list or follow their shared items in Google Reader
  • Read without distractions – Ads and other junk slow you down so if you are going to read more than 10 words on a page use this Readability Bookmarklet
  • Read it later – Get an instapaper account (free) and use it to bookmark links to read when you have more time.

That’s it.

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