Namecheap Got it Right Today

We LOVE animals, big and small. Help save the elephants. Every $4.99 transfer includes a $1 donation to @ste_kenya Mar 31 22:30:14 via HootSuite

  1. The Right Thing: They are donating to elephant rescue. It’s ethical & very savvy marketing.
  2. The Right Time: They blogged their response. Even in 2011 many businesses don’t see the value in having this line of direct communication and although this scenarion shouldn’t be the only consideration having that platform to spread the word & capitalize on the moment is crucial. Build the community before you need it.
  3. The Right Place: I’ve watched this story explode on twitter & @Namecheap has been extremely responsive today. They already had the tools ready to respond where the conversation was happening.
  4. The Right Result: They had to upgrade capacity today. Note they even had hiccups in the overwhelming traffic and they handled them while communicating throughout.

Is your business ready to capitalize on an opportunity like this? It should be.

On a personal note: I’m a GoDaddy detractor primarily because their ads degrade women and insult my intelligence.

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