3 Tools for better Team Communication

There are thousands of sites and apps promising to keep us connected but which ones actually get the job done? I don’t need 15 ways to communicate just a shortlist that keeps my group informed and on the move. Here are 3 that I couldn’t do without.team_communication_huddle

The Essentials


How many emails could you avoid if your team just had a quick group chat? Email is great for 1-on-1 communication but near intolerable for groups.

Get your colleagues on Skype and you have access to group IM, voice, and video chat. Setting your status lets others now if its okay to interrupt and you’ll be notified of conversations you missed. It’s 2011, skype is essential, get it.


Need to set a meeting that agrees with multiple schedules? Try doing it without 15 emails. Tungle.me allows you to create public calendar that displays your free/busy time.

Have your team create their Tungle calendar and you’ll be amazed how easy it is to schedule your next meeting. Tungle syncs with everything so no duplicate work required.


This is a new breed of group communication mobile apps and it is by far the best. It works with any phone that can send text messages and can create a conference call with a click.

If your team is equipped w/ smartphones, download the android or iphone app to attach pictures, share your location, or receive messages via push notifications.

GroupMe has gone from being a curiosity to an essential conversation channel. It works so well I’m using it with neighbors to help keep people informed about severe weather. (Great for families as well)

Honorable Mentions

  • Posterous Groups – Possibly the best email list option on the planet. Quick setup and it archives all messages
  • Yammer – Think twitter for private teams

Your Turn

What tools do you use? Did I miss one?

Leave it in the comments, I’d love to take a look.

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