Faith without feeling

There are things I wish I could ignore but my spirit is too troubled to not say this aloud…

Faith is not a feeling.


A friend of mine shared a very personal post today explaining his reasons for embracing his religion. I will not judge another’s faith but I share this so you can examine your foundation.

I’ve even had the same, very real contemplations before – "do I really believe in this? Maybe I really don’t believe in this – there many things that don’t make sense!" Having said that, every time I start going into that mode, I feel empty inside. There’s something – something dark that takes over. In fact, it’s not really anything taking over – it’s that the light and happiness and peacefulness that was inside me leaves, leaving the darkness that is left behind. I really don’t know what that is… but it never feels good when I lose that light. I feel sad, and confused.

So here’s why I believe: I believe because of the light this Gospel brings into my life. I believe because of the joy it gives me. I just haven’t felt this anywhere else.

May I share a secret? I don’t always “feel saved”.

There are days I’m trudging through sin and rebellion that I’m equal parts bitter and angry. There are days I wonder why I can’t get “being a Christian” right.

But here is the amazing part -  No matter where I am or what I feel it doesn’t change the truth.

God is, because God is.

It is the surety of salvation through Grace. I can’t earn it and I can’t lose it. My faith and position in Christ is built upon who He is not who I am, and thank God above for that.

God’s justice and mercy are not validated by my feelings but by his unchanging nature and centuries of revelation Him. Look at the words of Isaiah 44:8

“Fear not, nor be afraid; have I not told you from of old and declared it? And you are my witnesses! Is there a God besides me? There is no Rock; I know not any.”

I dare say these Babylonian captives had days they didn’t feel the light and peace of God. In fact they were usually fearful rebellious heathens (It takes one to know one) but God didn’t change, or love them less, or alter His plan of redemption, or become less eternal, or become less just… get the idea? No matter where we are or what we feel God is.

Why do I believe?

Why do you have faith the chair you are sitting in will support your weight?

  1. It’s a chair. It’s entire purpose is to do exactly that.
  2. You’ve set in it hundreds of times and it has proven itself.

I chose to sit down once “in God” and He has proven himself faithful and true over and over. I believe because He is and He does.

I cannot speak for you but personally my feelings are selfish and my heart is deceitful so I dare not place any foundation of faith on my feelings but rather on the truth of God. The danger of such a feeling foundation of faith is if the feelings waiver then our faith will as well.

Does faith it God bring peace and joy? Yes but it can also bring brokenness and emptiness -  How do you think Peter felt? Mark 14:71-72