There ought to be a law against that…

I said I wouldn’t talk politics here… I lied. I’ll try to stick to ideals and perspectives and not punditry.

At times in our frustration we’ve all said “There ought to be a law against…”

  • People taking too long to write a check in the grocery checkout
  • bump its
  • Mosques

Freedom is funny thing. We will fight to the death to defend it but we’ll easily ignore it when convenient. Freedom doesn’t work that way, it is a two-edged sword. Ever encroachment is a precedence that will lead to future erosion.

The current debate centers around the proposed building of the Mosque near Ground Zero. A lot of folks are angry that city councils, governors, and now that dang President won’t legally block construction of this mosque. Well we still have a little thing called the 1st amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

I don’t have a law degree but I’m pretty sure that means just because we may not care for a religion we aren’t allowed to deny them freedom.

The Problem with Precedence

Does having a mosque near to Ground Zero rub me a bit the wrong way? Sure, but if I decided to legally punish every religion that has rubbed me the wrong way there would be a long list. The deeper concern is that if I restrict their ability to build and worship as they see fit then what ground do I have to stand in 10 years when the government comes after my church because they disagree with me?


Freedom doesn’t cater to your preferences but if it isn’t protected your preferences won’t matter.

So if you really want to stand for freedom then take a stand for those whom you disagree with to enjoy that same freedom.


I know plenty of real conservatives that think the same way and a lot of the so called Republican’s are just posturing for the cameras. This is why you’ll always see me classify myself as a Conservative not a Republican. Let it be known that both sides of the aisle are quick to ignore the US constitution when it benefits their agenda which is why its so important to hold tightly to its principles.

So kudos to President Obama for standing up for the First amendment. Now if he’d just take a look at the rest of the document. My friend @erniebufflo called me out for this line since it seems as if I’m calling Obama ignorant of the Constitution. Let me rephrase it to say that I think many of his policies ignore the constitution. More accurate, less pithy.