2 New Foursquare Apps and a few old standbys

Two apps making the rounds this week that are built on top of the Foursquare platform.

#Mom – HashtagMom.com

A great idea that keeps Mom from worrying. Just add #mom to your check in and they will call or text your mother to let her know you arrived safely. I’ll be adopting this as soon as they add #wife.

Arrivals for Foursquare

This web app displays your friends check-ins like an Airport Arrivals board. Foursquare ideas like this have a shelf life of less than a year but if Arrivals creates a method of doing this for a venue it could get real traction at tweetups and conferences.


I'm not sure if I'm more jealous that @monaspoeticwax is seeing the Elvis show at Robinson or that @eric_andersen is at the Lego store.



While we are talking Foursquare apps…

Sure you can find apps to leave virtual water balloons but are there useful apps?Absolutely

TimeHop (formerly known as 4sq & 7 years ago) – This lovely service sends you a daily email that shows your check-ins, tweets, and facebook status from exactly 1 year ago. This little lovely email shows me the photos of my girl last year and reminds me where I ate and even what my pastor was preaching. Just sign up and try it. Trust me.

Agora – Helps you discover people at the same venue that you might be interested in meeting. I don’t know how it works but it does. (Bonus: Use IFTTT to text you when the email arrives if you suffer from inbox overload.)

FlickSquare – Posts your 4sq photos to your Flickr account

Sonar – Similar to agora but fully baked method to uncover “hidden” connections. I like it but rarely use it. Who needs another app to check?

Your Turn

Are you using any foursquare apps that I should check out? Leave a comment and let me know.

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