2 New Features of Facebook Pages You Should Take Advantage of Immediately

Facebook has released a major upgrade to Facebook Pages and there are a couple ew features that you should take advantage of right away.

Use Facebook as “page”

The importance of this feature is not to be underestimated because it finally allows you to use Facebook as your business or brand.

use_asOnce you upgrade your page you’ll notice an option on the right sidebar “Use Facebook as [YourPageName]”

The next step is to go and like other pages that are related to your business or brand. Find partners, colleagues, or sites you recommend and like them as your page.

This will give you a page stream of those pages you liked and you can comment and interact as your page. You can’t friend people or comment on individuals posts as your page but that’s the way it should be. Network, interact, and add value all as your page and the payoff in visibility is tremendous.

Highlight Admins

If you are a local business or small organization this is a great way to show the faces behind your brand. It adds legitimacy and transparency.

To enable it, go to your page dashboard, then “Featured


You can choose to highlight anyone that is an admin of the page.

This feature might not be right for every organization but it’s definitely worth considering.


This is finally the business accounts that Facebook has long needed. It’s a smart move to enable features while creating a wall between personal and business use.

This is a significant change for Facebook and for more info on the new features check out New Facebook Pages: Everything You Need to Know by AllFacebook.com and see the official Facebook Pages Manual

Official Facebook Pages Manual

2 responses to “2 New Features of Facebook Pages You Should Take Advantage of Immediately”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Major step forward for Facebook pages. I’m excited about the opportunity for admins to be notified of interactions on the page. Some very large communities, that already monitor this on a daily basis, won’t be quite excited about it as a smaller company that has multiple pages and not a high volume of interactions.
    Several other features, including the customization of photos across the top, will be interesting to explore the possibilities.

    • Keith says:

      I haven’t seen email notifications start working yet but perhaps they will have that worked out soon. This is really a major step forward. Engagement with other pages is going to be an incredible opportunity.

      Thanks for stopping by Tim. I really appreciate it sir.

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