11 Ways to Become an Outstanding Computer Technician

Great advice on being a Computer Technician from Tweak3D.net


1) Never panic. – Don’t respond emotionally if you do not understand a problem. Never scratch your head and act worried. If you don’t know what something is, it’s okay — you can figure it out. Part of being a technician is being excited about discovering and solving new problems. If you fear or stress over repairs, you’re simply in the wrong line of work.

2) Be professional. – First and foremost, show up on time… Being professional means dressing nicely, taking a shower, spitting out your gum, and not using foul language. Think of it like you’re going to a job interview because every service call is essentially just that. If you want the client’s business now and in the future, you should be as professional as possible at all times.

4) Don’t be afraid to call in for backup. – If you can’t diagnose a problem, search the Internet. If that doesn’t work, phone a friend. Ultimately, people really only want to see their problem fixed by whatever means necessary. While they may be impressed by your recall ability of every computer problem ever encountered, they will be infinitely more impressed when you fix the issue correctly.

6) Ask plenty of questions. – Don’t be the diagnostic wizard and try to figure out everything yourself. A few quick replies from your client can solve a lot of headaches. Here are a few generic questions to ask: When did the problem start? Was anything changed since the problem began? What are the symptoms or error messages you’re seeing? How do you get around the problem? Have you had any other problems in the past you would like to fix? Would you like to know how anything else on your computer can be upgraded or improved? Do you want your computer to do anything it currently cannot do?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    so what are the other 7 ways I only see 4 listed

  2. Tsu Doh Nimh says:

    I only quoted excerpts from the original article. The original article has all 11 ways.

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